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How Electric Vehicle production is evolving in Ontario

How Electric Vehicle production is evolving in Ontario

How Electric Vehicle production is evolving in Ontario

Canada is poised to become a leader in the production of Electric Vehicles (EVs).  There are five global automakers committed to making EVs and hybrids here in Canada.

In cooperation with the Ontario and federal governments, Stellantis, General Motors, Toyota, Ford, and Honda all made pledges to use Canada as an important part of their supply chains in North America.

These promises mean jobs for Ontarians and a bright future for EV production and sales in Canada.  The current goal is to have net-zero emissions by 2050, and this is a step in that direction.

Part of the investment will create the first EV battery testing lab in North America and an EV center of excellence at an existing research facility in Windsor, ON.

The investment comes as the industry is shifting quickly to more fully electric vehicle production, and Canada’s government is working to keep pace.  A large portion of the funding will go toward retooling assembly lines to facilitate EV manufacturing.

All this is to say that more cars being produced in Ontario is a good thing!  We want to see more electric vehicles on the roads and see those emissions reduce to give the planet a better future.  When Ontario is a hub of production, it puts Canada in a prime position for a greener future.

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