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How to get a Great Price for your Car at a Dealership

How to get a Great Price for your Car at a Dealership

Selling to a dealership is the best way to get a great price for your car while remaining safe and avoiding scams. You may not get as much as you would selling privately but it’s faster, easier and a lot less hassle!


If you want to get a great price for your car when you sell to us, we have some actionable advice that can help.


View your car as an appraiser would


Our first piece of advice is to look at your car as someone from the outside would. You probably have a lot of history and memories but you need to forget all that, at least for now.


A buyer isn’t going to care that the car took you on an amazing road trip that cemented your family.


They only care about what the car offers right now. So that’s the mindset you need to be in when preparing and valuing your car.


Clean cars sell best


You probably know from your own experience that shiny, clean cars look way better than grimy, dirty ones. That’s a universal truth, especially when you’re trying to sell it.


So, clean the car. Make sure it’s as clean as possible inside and out. You don’t have to have it valeted or detailed but make sure to do a good job on the clean.


Clean the interior, clear out the trash, vacuum the carpets and seats and wipe down all surfaces.


Clean the exterior, remove all dirt and grime, clean the wheels, clean all the glass and make sure any brightwork on the car gleams.


Perform cheap fixes


Check your car over and replace any obviously worn parts, check the tires, check wipers, check all bulbs and make sure everything looks and works as it should.


Do the same for any chips, scratches or dings. They can seriously impact a valuation.


The more you can do to make the car drivable right away, the more likely it is to sell.


Don’t spend too much money, but invest some time and cash wisely.


Get an accurate valuation


One of the key challenges we have as a dealership is dealing with unrealistic valuations. You think your car is amazing and is worth far more than all others of the same type.


First, check our first tip. Second, check current market value for your car at Carfax, Kelley Blue Book, Auto Trader, eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji.


Check the same make, model, trim and mileage and come up with an average value across as many sources as possible. Then pick a number in the middle of those values.


That should be the basis of your valuation as that should reflect market rate.


Get your car valued at our dealership


Make an appointment at one of our dealerships to have your car valued, make sure it looks its best and bring all the paperwork.


We’ll check it over, give it a quick test drive to make sure everything works and provide a fair valuation. If you accept the offer we’ll do the paperwork there and then and pay directly into your bank.


Told you selling your car to a dealership was easy!


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