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Easiest Way to Sell a Used Car in Ontario

Easiest Way to Sell a Used Car in Ontario

We will show you a foolproof way to sell your used car. These tips are intended for people living in Ontario, but you can apply them anywhere in Canada.


Used car sales kit


The Ontario government has a used car sales kit that all private sellers must download. Inside the kit, it explains all of the steps involved in the process.


After downloading the sales kit, look for your vehicle service record. This will have receipts for all the work done on your car since you bought it.


Used car buyers are looking for reasons to haggle down your asking price, and not having the service record will lead to you getting considerably less than your asking price. If you cannot find the service record, you could ask for copies of the receipts.


While on the subject of paperwork, look for the lien release that was sent from the lender when you paid the loan off in full. These releases are usually mailed out a month after your last payment. If you can’t find them, then contact your lender and ask them to send you another one.


Creating an epic used car advertisement


This step is the most time-consuming, so be prepared. Each online platform has its own template for posting an advertisement. You should open up a word processor and write up your advertisement, so you can paste it into the templates later on.


When writing a used car ad, try to keep the content as concise as possible. You are not writing a dissertation for your Master’s degree. You need to provide pricing, mileage, and the car's condition. Don’t refer to it as “mint” unless it truly is in excellent condition.


Along with having the write-up, you should start taking pictures of the inside and outside of the vehicle. If you drive a nice car, pay close attention to the upholstery and paint. These are things that buyers focus on.


Something you can do to make your ad stand out from competitors is by creating a video. You are not making a Hollywood blockbuster, the camera on your phone will be sufficient.


When you post your videos online, do not use social media. There are people trying to sell used cars on social media, but you are just asking for trouble.


Used car selling shortcuts


One shortcut that is the easiest way to sell a used car is going through a dealership network. In your community, there are car dealerships that will buy your used car. There are many dealerships to choose from, give priority to the one with the largest number of satisfied customers.


The initial step is conducting an appraisal to determine what your vehicle is worth in today’s market.


After the appraisal is completed, the dealership will present you with a cash offer. If you take the offer, then the dealership will pay you right away.


You can capitalize on this used car buying frenzy, but you should follow these tips to come out on top.


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