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Foolproof way to sell a used car in Canada

Foolproof way to sell a used car in Canada

We have put together a foolproof way to sell a used car in Canada. Most of us have little to no experience when it comes to selling a car, so there are some important steps that could be overlooked.

If you stick with us till the end, you will have no issues selling your used car for money.

How soon do you need the cash? This is a question that most prospective sellers do not really think about. The price you ask will impact the number of qualified offers you receive and the speed in which you receive those offers. If you price your car right at full market value, it could take a few days before you get any offers even though the used car market is white hot.

Writing a killer used car advertisement

It is time to roll up your sleeves and use your creative writing skills. You are competing with other people trying to sell their used car, so you have to write an advertisement that will catch the attention of people scanning images online.

The first thing people look at is the heading of your advertisement and also the photo of the car itself. You need to take a high quality picture of the car from all angles including the interior.

If you really want your advertisement to stand out, make a video of the car running, pop the hood and make a video of the belts turning, prospective buyers will appreciate this effort and it will increase your chances of getting a qualified offer.

You may notice we are using the word “qualified” a lot, what we mean by qualified is someone who has the desire, intent and ability to buy the car at the price you are asking.

Most of us desire a luxury car and have the intent to buy one but lack the means. You want buyers that want your car, have the intention to buy it and also the funds available.

Places to find qualified buyers

You may think that social media is a platform to find qualified buyers, in reality there are buyers who use social media but you are not going to attract high calibre prospects. Most of the people on social media, are using it to chat with friends, troll posts and play games.

There are platforms like AutroTrader and KijijiAutos where you could find a better quality prospective buyer.

Keep in mind it may take some time before any offers come in and you need to carefully assess buyers to avoid scammers.

We touched on whether you need the cash quickly, if you are in a hurry, it would be advantageous to contact your local car dealership and have them conduct a professional appraisal.

When the appraisal has been completed, the dealership will prepare a firm cash offer, if you accept it, you can sell your car and walk out of the dealership with cash! The dealership is buying the car with the intention of selling it for a profit, so you will get slightly less than full market value but you will get a competitive offer.

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