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How to Find The Perfect Used Car: A Simple Guide

How to Find The Perfect Used Car: A Simple Guide

We all know how easy it is to be seduced by new models or the latest technology. We also know how easy it is to lose focus when trying to find the perfect car for you. All your ideas and intentions can go quickly out the window once you set foot on a forecourt.


Our Grimsby auto loan team have put together a new car checklist to help you maintain focus and find the perfect car.

Needs and wants


We always recommend creating a needs and wants list to help with your next car. Use paper, use a spreadsheet or whatever you want. Have one column for what the car needs to have and one column for what you would like it to have.


Needs could include good gas mileage, AWD, enough trunk space for golf clubs or whatever. Make sure the needs will ensure the car can fulfil its core purpose.


The wants column can include anything you would like the car to have if budget allows. Leather, navigation, a sunroof, auto-parking or whatever you want.


Take the list with you when you go shopping and refer to it often to keep you focused.


Set a budget


It’s easy to overspend on a car. Once you’re there, costs are merely numbers and not something that seem important until you get home. That’s why budgeting before you set foot in a dealership is essential.


Work out how much of an auto loan you’ll need. Add your down payment or trade in and get preapproved for the auto loan to make sure you’ll qualify.


Once you know how much you have to work with, you can begin researching makes and models.


Do your research


Try not to buy on looks or brand loyalty alone. The car market is huge and exceptionally competitive. Try to have an open mind and perform car research based on your needs and wants list along with your budget.


Start with your favourite brands if you like but make sure to include the wider market. Check domestic and imported brands, check different body shapes, engine sizes and all the configurations that would deliver what you need.


Take a test drive


Never underestimate the test drive. We have all fallen in love with a car only to be disappointed in how it drives. I know I have!


Dealerships can still arrange test drives and you should take them. Drive over the type of roads you’ll be travelling every day, give the car a good workout and don’t let the sales person rush you. Don’t take all day either though!


A test drive should either cement your choice or take you back to the drawing board. Either way, it’s how you end up with the car you can be completely happy with.


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