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The Single Fastest Way to Sell a Car in Ontario

The Single Fastest Way to Sell a Car in Ontario

Canadians who want the fastest way to sell a car in Ontario need to stick with our tips to get the best possible result.


Don’t worry; we have put together some of the best strategies that will stack the odds of success in your favor.


Paperwork Required to Sell a Car in Ontario

There is some essential paperwork you will need to have in place before you can sell your used car. The first thing you should fish out is the service record for the car; prospective buyers want to know how well the vehicle was maintained before they make an offer.


If there is no service record, it gives the potential buyers the ability to come in with a lowball offer, so get a copy of these documents right away.


After you have put together the service record, the next thing you will need to prepare is the lien release.


The lien release is the document the lender sends out when you make the last payment on the car. You should not try to sell your used car until you have the lien released.


No potential buyer wants to deal with the hassle of having liens removed from the vehicle before they can register it.


It would not be prudent to try and sell your used car without the lien release; the buyer will do a lien search on CarFax, so don’t try to pull a fast one and not disclose there are active liens on your vehicle.


Preparing Your Car for Sale

You will need to get your vehicle ready for sale; the vehicle will need to be cleaned and waved; if you are unsure how to do it, you can pay a professional to detail the car and make it stand out.


You will need to spend a few dollars upfront for this detailing, but you will make it back after you sell the vehicle.


Best Place to Sell Your Car in Ontario

If you are looking for the best places to put your used car up for sale, avoid Facebook marketplace.


While there are many people who use these websites to buy and sell, it is not ideal for used cars.


The best places to put your used car up for sale are places like AutoTrader or KijijiAutos, and you will do fine.


The Fastest Way to Sell Your Car

There is a faster and easier way to sell your used car for cash instead of putting the car up for sale by yourself.


Bring your vehicle to your local car dealership and ask them to buy it. The dealership is constantly buying and selling used cars; they will do an appraisal and let you know what the car is worth.


When the appraisal is over, you will get an offer in writing, and if you take it, you get paid right away.


This is by far the fastest way to sell a car in ontario, so reach out to the dealership right away and take advantage of this opportunity.


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