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What To Know When Buying A Used Car In Hannon

What To Know When Buying A Used Car In Hannon

Buying a used car can offer significant savings over buying new. There are compromises of course but for the most part, used cars can make a sound investment. That doesn’t mean they aren’t without risk though, which is why we wrote this post.


Our Hannon auto loan team has outlined a few key dos and don’ts of buying a used car. We hope it helps.


Do set a budget


If you have ever bought a car before, you’ll know how easy it is to overspend. Setting a budget early on and sticking to it is key for not overspending.


Cars are shiny, new and offer exceptional opportunities to upgrade, go up a trim level or two or find something much more expensive to lust over.


That’s fine if you can afford it, not so good if you have a strict budget. Having that budget in mind from the off will definitely help keep you on track.


Do your research


Research all the various makes and model of car, crossover, SUV and truck you’re even remotely interested in, within your budget. Build a shortlist of 2-3 vehicles you’re definitely interested in and focus your attention there.


Read reviews, watch YouTube videos, ask friends and colleagues and gather as much information as possible about your shortlisted cars.


Do take a test drive


Some dealerships are hesitant to let you take used cars out on test drives as it adds miles to the clock. Ignore any protests and make sure you get to test drive the car you want to buy.


If you cannot test drive that exact car, find the same make, model and trim and test drive that instead.


Make sure to drive the roads you use daily. Drive highway, smaller twists and turns, town or city roads, try a parking lot and all the usual places you would frequent when you own the car.


Don’t buy the first car you see


Unless the car you see is utterly perfect, don’t settle for something less than you want. Check all the dealerships in your area, check online, check local press and anywhere that cars are advertised where you live.


Check out a range of cars and find the one that fits the bill.


Don’t ignore the physical inspection


It may be tempting to buy online and have the car delivered. That’s fine if you’re buying from a reputable dealership like us as you get a moneyback guarantee.


Not everyone works like that though.


A physical inspection not only checks the car for defects, damage and condition, it also settles your mind. Any potential anxiety over buying a used car can usually be offset with a physical inspection.


Don’t ignore it.


Do take an expert if you don’t know cars


Most dealerships offer certified used cars but don’t let that stop you taking an auto technician or mechanic with you. If you don’t know cars, having an expert on hand is essential.


They will see things you don’t and can better assess the condition, price and viability of the car before you buy it.


If you don’t know an auto expert, you can pay for one to inspect a car with you.


We will use all our skill and experience to deliver the lowest possible Hannon auto loan rates, guaranteed. Contact Car Nation Canada Direct to learn how we can help.


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