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Tips For Buying A New Car In Halton

Tips For Buying A New Car In Halton

If you haven’t bought a new car before and always bought used, it can be a nervous time. It’s a lot of money, and buying a new car in Halton means you could be paying off the auto loan for the next few years and there’s no going back unless you buy online.


We do our utmost to make sure you get the right car for your needs but there is a lot of work for you to do as well. We have put together this quick guide to give you a few pointers when considering buying a new car.


Is Buying A New Car In Halton Better Than Preowned?


Do you really need to buy new instead of used? There is nothing like the new car smell or the feeling of being the first to drive and enjoy the car but those feelings pass.


If you want the latest technology or safety features, nothing beats new. Otherwise, you may be able to buy the same model a couple of years old for a lot less.


Do set a budget early


As soon as you know whether you’re buying new or used, set a sensible budget. Factor in the down payment, the Halton auto loan, your trade in if you have one and set a reasonable budget you know you can afford.


If you do this before starting your research, you’ll find it easier to maintain focus on cars you can afford and not be quite so tempted to overspend.


Do get prequalified


Getting prequalified for a Halton auto loan gives you the confidence that you’re on solid financial ground. You can do all your math yourself and get it completely wrong. Think of prequalification as a dry run of the auto loan and validation that you got your sums right.


It’s free, doesn’t impact your credit score and can give you direction in your car search.


Don’t rush your research


A car is a big ticket item and a Halton auto loan will last for a few years at least. When you’re spending this much money, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting by performing your research.


Check car websites, check review sites, check automotive websites and everywhere you can to get a feel for the car’s reliability, value and features. When you’re spending a lot of money, you need to know you’re spending it well!


Don’t ignore insurance and running costs


The sticker price of a new car is only half the story. Insurance, registration and running costs will all need to be paid for.


It’s essential to factor all this into your calculations when looking at auto loans. You don’t want to borrow so much that anything over that can cause you issues. Get an insurance quote once you settle on a car so you know exactly what you’re in for.


Don’t ignore the test drive


A car that looks good on paper may be a different experience altogether when you’re behind the wheel. Even during a pandemic, never ignore the test drive. It’s your opportunity to get a feel for how the car feels and drives and will make or break your decision.


Ask the dealership to test the exact car you’re looking to buy. Don’t let them recommend a model or trim above the car you’re buying as it will only make you feel like you’re missing out or be tempted to overspend.


We will use all our skill and experience to deliver the lowest possible Halton auto loan rates, guaranteed. Contact Car Nation Canada Direct to learn how we can help.


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