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Are you Ready to Buy an EV in 2022? 3 Important Considerations

Are you Ready to Buy an EV in 2022? 3 Important Considerations

Canadian car buyers in 2022 have a variety of different questions they must address when shopping for a new vehicle.


The biggest question you need to ask yourself is whether now is the time to buy an EV in 2022 (electric vehicle).


These vehicles have been gaining in popularity, and Canadians always want to “do the right thing” when it comes to the environment, but there are some practical questions that must be addressed.


Is your home set up for an EV?


All-New Ford F-150 Lightning Charging at Home


In theory, you could use your basic outlet at home to charge your EV, but this trickle charge may not give your EV sufficient energy to replace what you have used during the daytime.


Your home electrical system may not be properly wired to supply the electricity needed for the vehicle and the rest of the home.


You will need to have an electrician install the charging station and make sure your home electrical system can handle everything.


These added costs are something that most car-buyers do not think about when shopping for an EV.


Where do you live?


We are all Canadian, but where you live will impact whether now is a good time to buy an EV in 2022.


There is a finite number of charging stations in Canada, this number is increasing monthly, but if you are living in a rural area, the charging stations may be few and far between, if there are any at all.


Source: medium.com Tesla charging stations at Limeridge Mall in Hamilton


Along with the availability of charging stations, if you live in colder parts of Canada, you need to factor in the cold when driving your EV.


The range on your EV is impacted by environmental forces; if it is too hot or cold, the amount of energy the battery can store and discharge will be dramatically impacted.


Can you afford the initial high cost of buying an EV?


Something that we need to address is the initial upfront cost that comes with buying the EV.


Source: wallbox.com - Total cost of EV compared to Gas after ownership


Carmakers are making progress at reducing the price of these EVs, but it will take time until they are in line with their internal combustion chamber counterparts.


Since the asking price for the EVs is high, your monthly payments and the term of the car loan is going to be considerably longer than a conventional purchase.


The upside of buying the EV, aside from helping reduce the total amount of carbon you are releasing into the atmosphere, is the money you will be saving on maintenance and fuel.


The cost to recharge your EV is a fraction of what you would pay for gasoline, and there is virtually no maintenance on the EV, with the exception of changing the tires.


These savings over time make buying an EV a smart choice, provided you are living in an area that is “EV friendly,” so do yourself a favor and contact the dealership in your area and go for a test drive; the only way you will know which EV is the one is by going for a test drive, plus the dealership can get you approved for a car loan at the same time.


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