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Best way to sell your used car in Canada

Best way to sell your used car in Canada

Used cars are in high demand, if you are thinking about selling your used car, it helps to follow some best practices, especially if you want to avoid some of the most common scams that are taking place online.

Reasons to not advertise your used car on social media

The most commonplace that first-time used car sellers post their advertisement is on social media. It makes sense, at least on paper to let your circle of family and friends know you are trying to sell your used car.

There are scammers who are looking on the various buy and sell pages on social media for targets. If you put up your used car along with your full name and address, a scammer has a few options at their disposal.

They could keep tabs on you and when you are away from home for an extended period of time, they can steal your car or at the very least cut off the catalytic converters.

These scammers will sometimes take all of the details about your car and use it for their own advertisements but use a different phone number.

Whenever someone calls in asking about the car, the scammer will say that they will hold the car but the prospective buyer needs to send them $50 or some other nominal sum to “hold” the car until they can meet up.

The scammer is able to get multiple buyers to fall for this ruse.

One of the most nefarious scams is when the scammer registers a lien against your car, even though they do not have a legitimate claim.

What the scammers do is gather all of your personal details from social media and then taking the VIN from your advertisement, they register a lien.

When you do actually sell your car to a legitimate buyer, the buyer finds out there is a lien on the car and the deal falls apart.

You are either forced to pay the scammer the lien amount or take them to court where it could take months if not years to resolve. These scams are happening all of the time, so you need to stay on your toes.

How to avoid the scams

The only way you can avoid these scams is to not post your car on social media.

One of the best and most simple ways to sell your used car is by going through a local car dealership. An immediate benefit of going to a local dealership is you can meet with them in person.

The dealership is able to do an appraisal right away and give you a firm cash offer for the car. These dealerships do not use any gimmicks, when they give a firm offer it is serious business. Another reason you should go to a local dealership is they can pay cash today.

The used car market is hot but finding buyers with the cash on hand to make the deal happen is not always easy, with the dealership you know they have the cash to pay you right away if you take their offer.

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