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How To Avoid Identity Theft When Buying A Car

How To Avoid Identity Theft When Buying A Car

Identity theft when buying a car, is becoming more common. It can have a devastating impact on your credit score and an emotional impact too.


The current pandemic has seen a rise in identity theft when buying a car. Attempts are happening all across the country and we are alerting all our readers to be on the lookout. If you’re going to want a Paris auto loan in the near future, you need to keep an eye out for identity theft!


Here are a few actionable tips for avoiding identity theft.


Be Alert While Online


Having an increased level of awareness can help you spot scams and fake emails faster. We want you to be aware but not afraid. Take a few commonsense precautions and you can avoid the vast majority of scams out there.


Never Click on Email Links


Never click on links within emails. Even if you recognize the sender, use a search engine or manually type the URL into your browser. If in doubt, hover over the link in a spam email. You will see what the URL reads and what it is are often completely different.


Use two-factor authentication everywhere


You know when you log into your bank you have to type in an SMS code or one created by a physical dongle? That’s two-factor authentication (2FA). Most banks and financial institutions use this method but lots of other organizations use it too.


You can use 2FA on many websites, most social networks, all banks and financial institutions, most games and gaming platforms, many online stores and other websites too. Use it wherever you can as it seriously improves account security.


Use a password manager


How many accounts do you have that use the same password? We’re guessing more than a few. Using a password manage such as LastPass can help secure all your accounts and manage all your passwords. All you need to do is come up with a super-strong password to secure the password manager and the app will take care of the rest.


Password managers will offer to generate strong, random passwords every time you log in somewhere. Then it will offer to remember it for you. These apps can genuinely improve account security and are well worth using.


Get a safe


Not all identify theft is digital. Sometimes it can be physical too. Keeping all your documents in a safe and away from prying eyes can also help. If you are ever burgled, your documents and valuables will be out of reach.


While a safe won’t offset the trauma, it will stop you having yet another issue to deal with afterwards.


Shred everything


A document shredder is an excellent investment. They don’t cost much and if you don’t have a wood burner or fireplace, they are the next best way to destroy documents with identifiable information on them.


Spending a couple of minutes a week shredding anything with your details on it could save a lot of pain in the long run.


Keep an eye on your credit report


Finally, keep a close eye on your credit report to monitor it for changes. Many financial products include free checks and you are allowed one free check per year. Use it widely to make sure nobody is accessing credit in your name!


These tips will help keep you safe and preserve your credit score ready for your next car loan. When that time comes, we will use all our skill and experience to deliver the lowest possible car loan rates in Paris, guaranteed. Contact Car Nation Canada Direct to learn how we can help.

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