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Advantages of Buying an Electric Car: Why to Make the Switch

Advantages of Buying an Electric Car: Why to Make the Switch

It seems everywhere you look, there are advertisements for electric vehicles; no, this is not some conspiracy theory but a sign of the times.


The automobile market as a whole is transitioning from a petroleum-based model to an electricity-based one with a significant amount of resistance from the legacy oil industries that is entering their sunset.


Will gas-powered cars go away overnight? Not likely, but there are many compelling advantages of buying an electric car instead of traditional gas.


Low maintenance costs


One of the key advantages of buying an electric car is the relatively low maintenance of the vehicle, especially when you compare it to a modern internal combustion engine.


The EV has a simple yet sophisticated setup, the battery sends electricity to the motors for movement, and the regenerative braking system produces electricity when you use the braking system.


The EV has only a few potential points of failure; when you push the accelerator, does the vehicle move?


If not, it is either the battery has no charge or there with a switch sending power to the motors, simple enough to troubleshoot for a technician.


When you look at the maintenance and potential points of failure, it becomes quite apparent why the EV is a superior choice.


With the internal combustion engine, the fuel must travel through a pump t the fuel injectors, which a computer regulates the appropriate atomized air/fuel mixture for combustion, and just at the precise instance the piston transitions from the compression to the power stroke, the spark plugs fire to generate movement.


All of this happens hundreds of times a second; the pumps could fail, and there could be an issue with the computer.


One thing is certain, where there is friction, there is a risk of failure, and EVs do not have many friction points.


Range and charging station limitations


Most Ontarians live in dense population areas like the GTA, so there is a decent number of charging stations available.


There are more charging stations coming online every month, which should alleviate some of the challenges you will initially face when you try to charge your vehicle at stations that are currently in use.


One way to reduce this risk is by plugging your EV in at night.


The amount of time it takes to charge an EV is the only real pain point, but those charging times will become just as fast as a gas-powered car in time, these EVs are relatively new to the automotive scene, and the kinks are being worked out.


If you are living in a rural area of Ontario where there is no charging infrastructure, then an EV would not be a viable option, but in a year or so, everyone should have reasonable access.


We can talk about how owning an EV helps you save money over time, but you should go to a local dealership and take one out for a test drive; you will think you are driving a supercar once you feel how much torque electric motors can produce compared to a gas-powered engine.


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