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5 compelling reasons to sell your car now

5 compelling reasons to sell your car now

If you’re considering upgrading your car to a newer model or have a spare car around you don’t really use, now could the best time to sell.

In fact, we can think of 5 good reasons why now could be the best time in living memory to sell a used car.

1.        The car shortage situation

You’re probably already very aware that there’s a global superconductor shortage. That has impacted everything from new computers to new cars and shows no sign of being sorted soon.

As most modern cars use hundreds of superconductors, production has fallen way behind, which has fed a resurgence in demand for used cars.

If people are having to wait 4-5 months for a new car delivery, why not buy a used car and drive away that same day?

2.     Rising gas prices

Despite the value of oil remaining relatively stable, volatility within the wider economy and increased demand for fuel for power generation has caused gas prices to rise.

As inflation rises and demand continues to soar, we aren’t going to see them fall anytime soon.

If you have an older car or a particularly thirsty car, now is a good time to sell it and buy something more frugal.

We don’t have a financial crystal ball but the way things are going right now, we don’t see gas prices recovering and reducing anytime within the next year or two. Certainly not if demand remains.

3.     Going green

Sales of EVs are increasing week on week and it isn’t slowing down. They are slowly increasing range and look much better than before. As we get near price parity between EVs and gas cars, we expect the appetite for electric vehicles to increase.

If you’re thinking of going green, now might be a good time. It can offset those rising gas prices, make good use of an increasing number of public charging stations and do your part for the environment.

4.     Lower running and repair costs

Older cars cost more to keep on the road and can require more repairs. It’s an inescapable fact that only differs depending on the make or model of car you drive.

Switch to an EV and you’ll lower running costs. Switch to a more fuel-efficient car and you’ll lower running costs. Downsize to lower running costs or buy a hybrid to lower running costs,

If your current car is always in the shop, always needing parts or to be filled with gas, now is the perfect time to change.

5.     You’re worth it

We have all had to make sacrifices over the past couple of years and most of us have worked longer and harder than ever before. If that doesn’t deserve a reward, we don’t know what does!

Whether you earned a promotion, worked on the front lines, survived COVID, lost a loved one or just made it through intact, you deserve a reward.

If you want that reward to have four wheels, who could blame you?

Those are just 5 of the many reasons we can think of to sell your old car and replace it with a new one. You know where we are if you plan to sell!

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